Electric Hoist Pulley Daily Inspection And Maintenance Precautions

- Jul 27, 2018 -


The electric hoist lifts the object through the slings composed of pulleys, wire ropes and hooks. Therefore, the inspection and maintenance of the pulley can be strengthened from the following aspects to prevent accidents.


1. During routine maintenance, it is important to check whether there is a crack in the pulley. It can also be observed through a magnifying glass. If a crack is found, it should be disposed of immediately. It is forbidden to continue using the welding crack.

2. Check if there is severe friction between the pulley wheel groove and the wire rope, and there is no wire rope grooving.

3. Check the wear level of the pulley. If it exceeds the wear range allowed by the design, it should be disposed of immediately. Replace the new pulley to ensure safe operation.

4. Check if the pulley axle is firmly connected, whether the pulley rotation is flexible, and whether there is abnormal noise. It should be fixed once a month and the pulleys should be lubricated to ensure a good working condition.